Sitecore 9.0.1 - xcServerConfigurationEnvironment parameter


We’re setting up an automated deployment using the Sitecore ARM templates. Doing so we came across the following parameter: xcServerConfigurationEnvironment This variable can contain either “Development” or “Production” and is used in the x-connect and Marketing automation apps. We were wondering what the purpose of this variable is and how this parameter should be configured on the different environments?


I would like to address your question regarding the “xcServerConfigurationEnvironment” parameter. The “xcServerConfigurationEnvironment” parameter of the ARM template is used to set value of the “configurationEnvironment” application setting for XConnect. The setting is useful in a case, when a specific configuration is expected during development, which should be disabled on production. Using the “configurationEnvironment” application setting allows the following configurations on XConnect roles:

  • Place common custom configuration (for production and development) under the “App_data\config\Global” configuration folder.
  • Place custom files which are related only to Production to the “App_data\config\Production” folder.
  • Place custom files which are related only to Development to the “App_data\config\Development” folder.