SQL Azure geo-replication error


While geo-replicating our SQL databases from one region to another region we ran into an issue. We were able to add geo-replication for the first 10 databases and started noticing errors from this point:

The log information was not of any help:

Additional details from the underlying API that might be helpful: At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see https://aka.ms/arm-debug for usage details.


"resourceProviderName": { "value": "Microsoft.Sql", "localizedValue": "Microsoft SQL" }, "resourceType": { "value": "Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases", "localizedValue": "Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases" }, "resourceId": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxxxx/resourcegroups/xxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Sql/servers/xxxx/databases/xxx-refdatadb", "status": { "value": "Failed", "localizedValue": "Failed" }, "subStatus": { "value": "", "localizedValue": "" }, "submissionTimestamp": "2019-02-28T12:59:38.1227872Z", "subscriptionId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "properties": { "statusCode": "Conflict", "statusMessage": "{\"status\":\"Failed\",\"error\":{\"code\":\"ResourceDeploymentFailure\",\"message\":\"The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.\",\"details\":[{\"code\":\"InternalServerError\",\"message\":\"An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'\"}]}}" }, "relatedEvents": []


Found in the settings of the elastic pool configuration of the destination server. We setup that a database has at least 10 DTU (per DB setting). This was reaching it’s limit due to all additional databases coming over from the source sql server and the max limit of DTU set on the pool (100). By changing the minimal per DB DTU setting to 0 we were able to continue our HA configuration. Obviously you can fix this by increasing your max DTU as well.

Hope this is helpful in case you experience the same issue and the logs are not of any help.