Maintenance on your SQL Azure Databases using scheduled pipeline



Within this blog post you will be setting up a YAML pipeline that will perform maintenance on your SQL Azure databases. Creating and executing a stored procedure running on a scheduled base.

Benefits of using Azure DevOps pipeline as your scheduler is that it is free, is has no external dependencies, it does not use ‘run-as-account’ that might expire and it is easy to setup/maintain. Since SQL Azure does not support SQL agent and you do want to maintain the indexes on your databases on a periodic base, this is the solution I came up with. It makes use of the stored procedure created by Yochanan Rachamim. - all credits for him!


- Azure subscription
- Azure DevOps
- AZ Cli on your build agent

Getting Started

  1. Clone the git repository and use it within your project link.
  2. Create a new pipeline in your ADO project and point it to ‘pipelines\sqldb-maintenance-pipeline.yml’.
  3. Create environments in your ADO project ( in this pipeline ‘TST’, ‘ACC’ and ‘PRD’ are being used).
  4. Ensure you have a service connection setup from ADO to your Azure subscription link.
  5. Fill the variable files in /variables/*.yml with the values that correspond with the environment and resources you use.
  6. Run the pipeline manually to validate functionallity.


Note that the default run of this pipelines is scheduled in this file: ‘pipelines\sqldb-maintenance-pipeline.yml’. To be found in the following section:

- cron: "0 12 * * 0"
displayName: Weekly Sunday build
    - main
always: true

Resulting the pipeline to run on a weekly base, each sunday.

Enjoy this solution and contact me whenever you have any feedback.